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When's the last time your Small Business Health Insurance Coverage had a comprehensive review?

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    Prescription Drug Insurance
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    Vision Insurance
  • Life and AD&D
  • ​Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Cobra, HIPPA, FLMA, Enrollment Meetings, Customized Enrollment Kits
  • ​ACA Compliance Voluntary Benefits​​​​
  • Tax deductions
  • HSA's, MSA's & HRA's Section 125 Plans

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Our Process to Understand Your Small Business

  • Understanding financial goals & objectives
  • Gathering relative data about your group insurance plans
  • Processing and analyzing information
  • Recommending a comprehensive employee benefits plan
  • Implementing the group plan and providing an employee enrollment meeting
  • Monitoring the group benefit plan for changes to assure continuing suitability

True Benefits Are in the Relationship

In an automated world, Dignity Insured stands apart from other brokers & consultants by utilizing the following strategies:

  • Creating and maintaining long lasting relationships with business owners and their employees
  • Adding value to a company employee benefit plans in order to help attract & retain employees
  • Communicating with employers and employees through responsive customer service
  • Providing completely confidential reliable and trustworthy information to employers and their employees about their group insurance plans

How We Save Your Small Business Money On Health Insurance

Why Do People Say About Us?

I strongly recommend Joe as a hardworking, professional health insurance broker and a fantastic person.

“Joe Walker is very talented individual with deep knowledge of insurance products and services for employers and individuals. It has been my pleasure to work with him for 5 years now. As a health insurance consultant, he is always helpful with all my issues. ”

Komal Munshi

HR Manager at Caspex Corp

I would highly recommend Joe for all of your employee benefits needs

“I work with Joe to help my clients shop their employee benefits. He is very knowledgeable in the benefits arena. Joe is always willing to go the extra mile to help my clients find the best plan to suit their needs. He is very personable and a pleasure to work with (a must in a service industry). ”

Danielle R. Yoch, CFP ®

Vice President at Montrose Park Advisors

“Joe and his team worked to completely eliminate exposures our previous broker missed

“Joe Walker and his team are the consummate professionals. As someone who specializes in the procurement of goods and services for Fortune 500 companies, I understand the pain points that can be encountered when implementing new insurance policies. ”

Jared Connor

Director of Sourcing Operations

I highly recommend him.

“I am pleased to recommend Joe Walker. I started working with Joe the beginning of 2008 as we started to expand our organization. Over our relationship Joe has provided extremely helpful business information. 

His proposal of employee benefit options has gone beyond anything we expected. Joe is very friendly, knowledgable and his professionalism is outstanding. ”

Raul Rivera

GBT Director Business System Delivery

“He's just an all around nice guy to work with!

“Joe is a patient and dependable benefits/insurance consultant. He takes the time to understand your business and your unique needs and then looks for creative and appropriate products that fit your business. Plus, he's just an all around nice guy to work with!”

Heather Steiger

Vice President of Operations at 2120 Creative

About Joe  Walker

For over 20 years, Joe has specialized in working with businesses of all types to structure cost-effective  Small Business Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans. During this time, Joe has built a specialty in the creation of  voluntary and worksite benefits and enrollment 

Joe will take the necessary time to understand your current individual health coverage, Medicare Advantage/Supplement plan and employee benefits situation.

The goal is to create a comprehensive individual health and/or employee benefits package that will work within your financial goals and is suitable to your employee's needs.

Joe serves as both consultant and advisor to small businesses by providing information about new technologies, Healthcare Reform (PPACA), Exchanges/Marketplaces, ERISA compliance, reduce your insurance premiums, actively managing renewal rate increases, and proactively assisting in the adjudication of employee claims & billing issues.

For many clients having someone able to handle the setup of FSA, COBRA, and HRA & HSA alternative funding arrangements is invaluable. Joe and his team will work closely with you and your employees to educate you on how to best maximize the utilization of the benefit plans being provided to them.

Small Business Owners and owner  contact me directly if you need help with your individual/group health, dental, life or disability insurance plans at  (610) 550-8573.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits Solutions

Group Health Insurance

 Group health insurance is often the first priority for employees. For employers, it is usually the second largest expense behind payroll. Our team will help you navigate small business healthcare process so you can hire and retain the best employees.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects your employees from a temporary loss of income and is an often overlooked coverage. Often, is can be considered a fundamental piece of a comprehensive employee benefits package. 

Group Voluntary Benefits

For many small businesses, the cost of offering employees healthcare benefits is cost prohibitive. Group Voluntary Benefits can allow you as a business owner to give your employees the opportunity to secure valuable coverage at significantly lower rates than they’d pay as individuals. 

Life and Accidental Death Insurance

Offering employees additional benefits options are becoming more important as business owners compete for the best talent.  Group Life and Accidental Death are important aspects of comprehensive personal insurance programs. 

Group Life Insurance

An employee’s emotional well-being can affect work performance, impacting the company’s bottom line. We’ll help you design a program that supports a happy, healthy, and productive workforce.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Healthcare expenses are always on the rise. A great step towards a comprehensive employee benefits package is to offer a Flexible Spending Account. This allows your employees save money on everyday healthcare expenses.

Small Business Health Insurance Options

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Understanding Small Business Employee Benefits

Why Use An Employee Benefits Broker?

What Does It Cost To Offer Small Business Health Insurance?

Small Business Employee Benefit Plan Renewal Questions

Employee benefit plans can be costly investments for a small business, thus it is critical you have the most cost-effective employee benefit plan possible. As least yearly, it is important to review your employee benefits plan.

First, is your current health insurance broker really earning their money for their services & expertise? Are they finding you new innovative ways to save time or money on your employee benefits plan?

Besides negotiating your annual renewal, is your current broker managing your employee benefits plans throughout the year? Are you receiving the level of service you and your business deserve?

  • Managing group benefit plans is a year around service 
  • Add/Deletes - are they processed promptly and as requested?
  • Billing Issues - are they resolved swiftly (i.e. time is money)?
  • Open Claims or Reprocessing of Claims are they getting paid or are they left open?
  • COBRA - are notices sent out properly and in a timely matter?
  • ID Cards - are they being ordered for new employees and dependents?
  • Compliance & Reporting (i.e. ACA Reporting, Wrap Documents, Federal & State requirements) are they being filed?
  • Employee Education - are employees being informed about your current plan benefits (i.e - health, dental, life disability, FSA, etc.)?

Small Business Health Insurance PA

Small Business Health From Independence Blue Cross

We understand you want to give your employees and their families affordable access to the the best possible health insurance at the most affordable cost. For one monthly premium payment, you can provide your employees and their families, health insurance plans which offer coverage and support members can count on to help them get high-quality, cost-effective care.

Affordable ACA-Compliant Coverages For Small Business

  • Health
  • Prescription Drug
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Well-being
  • Additional Workplace Benefits

Financial stress can take a toll on physical and mental health. We offer a number of small business health insurance coverages with value-added benefits and tools that help give your employees and their families the peace of mind that comes from being able to make their hard-earned money go further.

Four Health Plan Types To Meet Your Small Business Needs:

  • Personal Choice®
  • PPO Personal Choice
  • EPO Keystone Direct
  • POS Keystone HMO

Information on: Independence Blue Cross Small Business Health Insurance Plans

How Small Business Health Insurance Works

Your Local Health Insurance Broker:

Let your company focus on making more money. Let us focus on cutting costs, while improving your employee benefit plan through increased service and cost-cutting expertise.

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Phone: (610) 550-8573
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Do You Only Offer Small Business Health Insurance?

The long and short answer is no. While we do specialize in small business insurance, our time working with hundreds of small business owners has helped us realize that not every business can offer insurance and for many people it's important to purchase benefits outside an employer.

So, don't worry. If you are looking for exceptional service and value for your personal or family health insurance - look no further. Below are just a few of the personal insurance policies we offer. 


Your Heading Here

Individual Health Insurance Plans

  • Health Insurance
  • Prescription Drug
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Accident 
  • Vision
  • ​Dental
  • Life and AD&D
  • Cancer
  • ​Short Term Disability​​​​
  • Long Term Disability
  • Critical Illness

Individual Health Insurance PA

Are You Looking For 2019 Individual Health Insurance in PA?

We understand the yearly stress of open enrollment from the stress that comes with trying to choose the correct policy, to ensure you are properly protected and not leaving you open to financial stress.  

We know how confusing it can be to choose health insurance and how choosing a health insurance plan is an important decision. All the insurance companies we offer have a variety of health plans to meet your needs and fit within your budget. 

We offer access to all the major types of individual health insurance plans including: Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO), and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).

Here's a short look at the differences from the folks at Independence Blue Cross:

PPO plans may be appropriate if you want a little more freedom and flexibility, while HMO plans may offer a lower premium since you choose a primary care physician (PCP) to coordinate your care and refer you to specialists. EPO plans offer a balance of the two, as they only offer in-network coverage1 but don’t require you to select a PCP or get referrals.

The Individual HMO, EPO, & PPO are all available in Different Levels of Coverage:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

The Affordable Care Act requires all plans to be organized by the level of coverage they offer —
Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Plans are organized to align with these metallic levels.

Since all plans cover the same essential health benefits, the difference is what you pay in monthly
premium and out-of-pocket costs when you need care.

We also offer catastrophic coverage that is
available for people younger than 30 or those who qualify for a special exemption.

Below are some excellent resources to get your started in choosing individual health insurance for 2019.

If you get overwhelmed looking at the available Individual Health Insurance options give us a call at 610-864-4690. 

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​Dignity Insured is an independent insurance brokerage firm, which provides top quality group health & ancillary insurance products along with exceptional customer service to companies for their employees.

This allows your employees to feel confident in their insurance coverage and your company to focus on it's strategic business initiatives.

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